Bandaids for Bunnies was established in 2011 in an effort to help the rabbits who were being abandoned in the parks and on the streets of Richmond, BC. Sadly, these rabbits were often found malnourished, sick, injured, and vulnerable to predators. The goals were to bring public awareness to the abandonment issue, educate people on the needs of rabbits, and obtain medical help for the abandoned rabbits.

Since then, Bandaids for Bunnies has become one part of the efforts to help the abandoned rabbits.

These efforts include establishing No Rabbit Left Behind Society which advocates for rabbits.

A children’s novel, The Rabbit Rescuers, was published about the abandoned rabbits and Bandaids for Bunnies is the title of the upcoming sequel to The Rabbit Rescuers book.

A Bandaids for Bunnies Society was also established and the Society operates a rescue shelter in Richmond, BC.